Visits & Inescapable cultural places

Browsing Dax streets, first French thermal destination, constitutes an obligatory passage during your stay in Landes department. This thermal town heart will disclose its Gallo-Roman ramparts, Hot Fountain Place, archaeological crypt, Andalusian-style bullring, “Atrium” theatre and “Splendid” Hotel & Spa****, two Art Deco gems.


From Sabres train station, take the “small train” and dive-in into Marquèze ecomuseum, preserved patrimonial site that reconstitutes XIXth century society. Well of knowledge, it will disclose richness conserved through collections, exhibitions and educational workshops highlighting yesteryear life : bread manufacturing, sheep shearing, master house visiting… Unique in France, it will satisfy thirst for discovery of the whole family.


Countless historical sites are also worth detour like Arthous Abbey, Chalosse Museum, Brassempouy Prehistoric Site, Aviation and Helicopter Museum, Gaujacq Castel…

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