In the 1920s, Mr. Tarrissan made build by an architect firm from Biarritz, a hotel in Capbreton, at the current site of arcades, directly on the seafront, that he named “Le Mercedes” [in honour of his wife’s name of Spanish origin]. During the 39/45 war, the hotel was occupied by Germans who destroyed it while they were leaving. At the end of the conflict, Mr. Tarrissan perceived war damages but Capbreton municipality refused to rebuild his hotel on the same site. So, he rebuilt in 1953 the current hotel Mercedes which he entrusted the management to his daughter and son-in-law, Jean-Claude Weber, who was Hossegor mayor. From the 1950s to end of the 1980s, the Mercedes was one of the most beautiful flowerets of traditional hotels in whole region, receiving wealthy but demanding clientele, including personalities of all orders on resort on the Coast. Customers retained their room from one year to the next, in the same way that they were showing them self at the restaurant. The “mythical” side of the hotel dated from that time. Weber’s successor wanted to give a new, more modern, orientation to his company without knowing a big success. He therefore resold his business to a new investor who undertook a complete renovation of the establishment, deleted the entire restaurant part, removal that he compensated by installing fitted kitchens corners in all bedrooms, thus answering to new clientele demand.

Marie-Hélène Martens​
Magazine Atlantica Hors-Série « Hossegor l’élégance océane » – June 2002

So, Mr. Mas de Sancier ensured hotel Mercedes management during 1990s until his tragic death. Mr. Bérot then made its acquisition in 1999 at auction.

Today and since 2011, it is Mr. Olivier Roumat, surveyor redeployed in land developer after his international rugby career, who is the owner. In love of Hossegor station and its art of living for many years, Olivier and his companion Valérie, who watches on establishment’s destiny, took care to preserve hotel’s soul and history while modernizing it over the years. So, these two native landais propose a 3-star ranked hotel, in an exceptional environment, with heated pool and Wi-Fi, to which they have a particular attachment. In an interview allowed to Sud-Ouest newspaper, Olivier tells « it is like a big house where people feel good, ideally situated [at the foot of the lake] ».

Since the acquisition, they started a new challenge to expand the hotel Mercedes with an additional 17 bedrooms extension for a total of 54 bedrooms and flats, open in 2021. They therefore reproduced the famous blue and white facade making echo to traditional basco-landaise architecture of the city. Inside, a woody and with clear tones decoration has been selected to ensure a comfortable and resourcing stay to clientele, often very loyal.